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Never Met

Now Casting Worldwide

We're looking for couples who are dating online but haven't met in person yet.

$5,000 Referral Fee

Are there things that you've been wanting to tell your online partner about, but don't feel comfortable bringing them up or talking about them online?

If you feel ready to talk about these things, you and your partner would be taken on an all-expenses-paid trip to an amazing destination where you can finally meet for the first time!

This is your chance to meet face to face and talk about the things you've been wanting to.

Here are a few examples:

  • A physical ailment or deformation.
  • Something that you're self-conscious about.
  • A hidden talent or special skill that you're not sure they'll love.
  • A lie that could potentially ruin the relationship.
  • A phobia, habit, or other problem in your life.
  • A physical feature of yours that they're not aware of.
  • A secret child you haven't told them about.
  • A traumatic experience in your past that could be damaging to the relationship.
  • A lie or omission about something they'll find out eventually if it goes further than what you're comfortable with online.
  • A secret you're trying to keep from them because it could change the way they look at you.
  • Inappropriate photos or videos of yourself or others that might cause a problem later on.
  • A secret of any kind.

We're open to hearing about any and all types of scenarios.

📢 $5,000 Referral Fee
If you refer someone who is selected to be on the show, you'll receive a $5,000 referral fee.

All travel and accommodations are covered by the production.

All interviews will be held remotely via Skype or Zoom.

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