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America Says

Now Casting Game Show Network's Hit Show

Do you want a chance to win $15,000?!?!

Can you guess what "America Says" by filling in the blanks?

Then this is definitely the show for you!

All you need is a team of FIVE (5) to play. Here are some examples...
Cousins, Siblings, Grandparents, Parents and Adult Children, Coworkers, Neighbors, Friends, etc...

Here's a short video from the show...

A little about how the game works

Two teams of four people compete against each other. One team is shown a fill-in-the-blank and its top seven answers. The first letter of each word in each correct answer is shown as a clue.

For example, if the question is "When I think of Italy, I think of [blank]," an answer might be "L______ T____" for Leaning Tower. The length of the blank is a further clue to the length of the correct answer.

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